Computer Recycle Center
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Computer Recycl
e Center is a different recycling company.
We do not consider it "E-Waste" rather a re-usable product.
We recirculate equipment to back into use and for those in need
providing to over 70 local charities and low income families;

(see our list on the Local Charities page).
WE DO NOT SCRAP EQUIPMENT! This is still an environmental risk.
Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Printers, Copiers, Cell Phones
Office furniture and more.

Computers & laptops do not have to be working or complete.
We also accept cell phones and commercial phone systems working or not.
We also accept Macintosh/Apple equipment or components.

Please supply any software that came with the computers or printers if you still have it; original Windows or Mac OS disks, "Restore disks", driver disks etc.
These may contain drivers for the machine that will be helpful for us to put the
computer or peripheral back into working condition also.

Laptop computers should have a power supply, and the case if possible.

We no longer accept CRT, (old tube type), monitors, only flat panel monitors.
(also please supply the power adapter for the flat panel monitors)

Printers should have the original power cord or power supply if possible.

Office desks, Computer desks, Chairs etc:
We would like a description of these items if possible before pickup

Computer Recycle Center
East Sacramento
(we don't show our address because of some people that drop off junk after hours)
Please call for our drop off address or to schedule a pickup:
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